About Us:

Our Organic, Premium Hemp Flower is grown on a small family farm in rural Ohio. We are Committed to transparency, growing organic and nurturing our land and soil. At Tho Bros Premium CBD, LLC, we work to revitalize microbial life in the soil through the use of cover crops, applying tons of organic compost, completely abstaining from pesticides, and by using natural pest and pathogen controls. We possess a passion for organic cultivation and all of our Premium Hemp Flower offerings are 100% organic, all-natural & lab-tested….NO pesticides! 

Our Mission: 

We truly believe in the healing powers of hemp. Our mission is to educate the world about the healing power of natural, safe, and effective cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Our goal is simple and that is to grow the finest, Organic, Top-Shelf, Premium CBD Products available today! 

Growing High-Quality, Premium, Organic Hemp: 

To ensure our Hemp Flower products are of premium quality, we work on a small scale and grow our hemp using 100% organic and deeply restorative soil practices. We harvest our hemp by hand and slowly cure it naturally in order to lock in terpene and resin quality. We take great care in storing and packaging our hemp to preserve all of the beneficial qualities in the plant. Our focus is on quality, nurturing the soil, and sharing what we know.